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              Find it Fresh was built with tons of amazing features to ensure it would be the top Locally Sourced Directory in the US. We have loaded it up with features and benefits that your farm, service or organization can immediately take advantage of.

              Create your own webpage today and use it as your own website, advertisement or marketing tool and get found by those searching for locally sourced goods and services. Visit HERE for more Information

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              Answers to Common Questions

              You can embed social media in the description area of your listing. Embed Facebook Timelines, Twitter Feeds, Instagram and others. For Facebook timeline embeds visit Facebook Page Plugin use the iframe embed option to get the code. You can embed your facebook like button also. Just use the body code since we already did the head code for your. Twitter embeds works very much the same way.

              You can upload images or drag and drop images into your photo gallery. Feel free to update or change images however often you like

              Title is the name of your business or service. Tags are several words related to your goods or services (20 words max). Separate each word with a comma. Description is a brief description of your goods and services. (Typically around 160 characters.

              You can create an account and login immediately. You can also create your listing right away also. You must subscribe at the yearly rate for your listing to become active and seen by users visiting the site.

              Your social media links are located under the Details / Description area of your listing. All social media links must state with the (https://) to be a valid link

              You must select at least one category for your listing to be visible

              You can create multiple listing but each listing costs the yearly rate. Once you login you can control all your listing with your single login.

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